Hisense showcase 382 Liters Refrigerator

Hisense showcase 382 Liters Refrigerator FL-50Fc

Hisense Refrigerator Show case- 382 Liters | FL 50 FC Specifications

Color: White

Capacity: 382 Liters

Refrigerant: R600a

Beverage Display Cooler: Yes

Warranty For East Africa


Original price was: KSh95,000.00.Current price is: KSh90,200.00.



Hisense showcase 382 Liters Refrigerator

Hisense showcase 382 Liters Refrigerator -This Hisense Refrigerator Show case FL 50 FC is an awesome
choice for Beverage Display any where.

Hisense 382 Liters Show-case Refrigerator has a large storage
space with Beverage Display Cooler as well as transparent door that makes it
easy to see through.

An efficient cooling system that has retention capacity of up
to 48 hours.

The Hisense refrigerators comes with premium features such as
Beverage Display Cooler, low noise technology, transparent glass door, and
super cooling feature.

This Hisense refrigerator is environmental friendly and works
with R600A gas.
It is also very easy to maintain.

Hisense showcase 382 Liters Refrigerator  About the Brand

Hisense is a leading multinational brand committed to
developing innovations in consumer electronics.
Hisense offers a wide range of products such as Air Conditioners,
Televisions, Fridge, Freezers, Sound Systems and Washing Machines. All there appliances
are produced with cutting edge technology and all go through stringent quality
control process.

The Hisense refrigerator is manufactured mainly for commercial bottle coolers. The showcase refrigerator is a wonder from its design to its performance. The product is perfect foremost bar design, food, cafes, supermarkets, shops, food stalls, etc. This is because the showcase creates a very eye-catching display for your drinks which can be viewed by customers.

For more durability and reliability, the cooler has a double glass door fitted making it convenient for use. Making the glass door transparent makes the food products on display clearly in the fridge also the brand names are visible. The door traps the cool air inside making the cooler remain cool.





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