Hisense DHQA902UT 9kg Tumble Dryer

  • Model: DHQA902UT
  • Color: Grey
  • Drying Capacity: 9kg
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A++
  • Form Factor: Front Load
  • Width of the product: 595 mm
  • Height of the product: 845 mm

Original price was: KSh110,000.00.Current price is: KSh99,000.00.



Ultimate Laundry Solution Hisense DHQA902UT 9kg Tumble Dryer


Efficient Drying

Speed Up Your Laundry Routine

Optimize your laundry routine with the Hisense DHQA902UT 9kg Tumble Dryer. Designed with advanced technology, this dryer features five airflows that deliver impressive air volume. Coupled with the largest 125L inner drum capacity in the industry, it allows you to dry multiple pieces of clothing quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and effort.


Allergy Care

Protect Your Health

The Allergy Care function ensures a healthier living environment by utilizing the power of hot air and an extended drying cycle to effectively remove allergens from clothing. This makes your clothes safer and more comfortable for sensitive skin, offering peace of mind for those with allergies.



Say Goodbye to Wrinkles

Tired of ironing? The Anti-Crease function of the Hisense DHQA902UT is here to help. By rotating the inner cylinders, this dryer ensures that your clothes come out fluffy and wrinkle-free, significantly reducing your ironing efforts.


Reversible Drum

Enjoy Tangle-Free Drying

The reversible drum design of this dryer allows clothes to move freely with counter-rotating action, ensuring even drying and preventing entanglement. This innovative feature delivers tangle-free drying for all your laundry.


Heat Pump Technology

Gentle and Eco-Friendly Drying

The heat pump technology in the Hisense DHQA902UT dries clothes at lower temperatures, which protects your fabrics from damage while maximizing energy efficiency. This Eco-friendly feature helps reduce electricity bills, making it a win-win for both your clothes and the environment.


Energy Efficiency

A++ Rating for Savings

Rated A++ for energy efficiency, the Hisense DHQA902UT offers outstanding performance while significantly reducing energy consumption. Enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills and contribute to environmental conservation with this efficient dryer.


Auto Dry

Smart Drying Technology

Experience smart drying with the Auto Dry feature. The built-in high-precision sensor monitors moisture and temperature, automatically adjusting drying time to save energy and prevent heat damage to your clothes.


Multiple Filtration

Cleaner Clothes

The multi-layer filtration system keeps your clothes cleaner by effectively collecting lint and debris through five high-density filters. This thorough cleaning protects the condenser and ensures long-lasting performance.


Quick Drying

Fast Results in 30 Minutes

When you need your clothes dried in a hurry, the Power Dry 30’ program delivers excellent results in just 30 minutes. This feature saves you both time and energy, making it perfect for busy households.


Power Airflow

Superior Drying Performance

Achieve superior drying performance with five air outlets that provide the largest air volume in the industry. This powerful airflow removes dust and shortens drying time, making laundry chores quicker and more efficient.


Why You Should Buy the Hisense DHQA902UT 9kg Tumble Dryer?

Large Capacity

With a 9kg drum capacity, this dryer is perfect for medium to large households, allowing you to dry more clothes in a single load.

Versatile Programs

The Hisense DHQA902UT offers 15 drying programs to suit all types of laundry, ensuring optimal care for your clothes.

Energy Savings

An A++ energy rating ensures lower running costs and eco-friendly operation, making this dryer a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice.

Convenient Features

This dryer includes a delay timer, child lock, and reversible drum for added convenience and safety, enhancing your overall laundry experience.


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