Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor

  • 90cm Under Cabinet Cooker Hood
  • Venting with Air Extraction or Recirculation
  • Stainless Steel +Front Transparent Glass
  • Washable Aluminum Grease Filters
  • Push Button Control
  • LED Lighting

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Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor

Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor, embraces energy efficiency in its ventilation design. By providing powerful extraction when needed and offering customizable settings, the extractor minimizes energy consumption. This not only aligns with eco-conscious values but also contributes to cost savings over time.

Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor low noise levels

While powerful in performance, the HHO90PASS is designed with acoustics in mind. Its quiet operation ensures that the extraction process doesn’t disrupt the tranquility of your kitchen or living space. This thoughtful consideration for noise levels makes the extractor an unobtrusive and comfortable addition to your cooking environment.

Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor stainless steel finish

The Hisense HHO90PASS is not just a functional appliance; it is a design statement for modern kitchens. The sleek and contemporary design, characterized by clean lines and a stainless steel finish, adds a touch of sophistication to your cooking space. This extractor seamlessly integrates into various kitchen styles, enhancing both form and function.

Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor touch control panel

Navigating the features of the HHO90PASS is an intuitive experience, thanks to its touch control panel. The responsive touch controls allow users to easily adjust extraction settings, select different fan speeds, and activate built-in lighting. The simplicity of the control interface ensures that users can effortlessly customize the extractor’s performance according to their cooking needs.

Efficient for intensive cooking sessions and everyday meal preparation.

At the core of the Hisense HHO90PASS lies a powerful extraction system that effectively removes cooking odors, smoke, and airborne particles. With an impressive extraction rate, this cooking extractor ensures that your kitchen remains fresh and free from lingering cooking smells. The robust performance makes it an ideal solution for both intensive cooking sessions and everyday meal preparation.

In addition to its extraction capabilities, the HHO90PASS features built-in LED lighting. The strategically placed lights illuminate the cooking area, providing enhanced visibility and creating a well-lit ambiance. This not only contributes to a more enjoyable cooking experience but also serves a practical purpose in ensuring precision in food preparation.

Hisense HHO90PASS Cooking Extractor multiple fan speeds

Recognizing that cooking activities vary in intensity, the Hisense extractor offers multiple fan speeds. Whether you’re simmering a delicate sauce or searing meats at high heat, the ability to customize the extraction power ensures that the HHO90PASS adapts to different cooking scenarios. This flexibility is a key factor in achieving efficient and targeted ventilation.

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