Hisense Fridge 176 Liters Water Dispenser REF176DR

  • Capacity: 176
  • Water Dispenser: Yes
  • Door: Yes
  • Low Noise: Yes
  • Color Silver
  • Frost: Yes

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Hisense Fridge 176 Liters Water Dispenser REF176DR

Hisense REF176DR Fridge

The Hisense REF176DR 176 fridge . It features a  wide fridge with a 176 liters capacity space in it. It has a single door and comes with tempered glass shelves inside with extra spaces fitted on the door all for you. This fridge comes packed with a water dispenser built in it. Its low noise cancellation is so effective and frosts. Buy Hisense REF176DR 176L fridge online at best price in Kenya at Hisense Kenya.

Hisense REF176DR  Fridge Specs and Features

Model Number REF176DR
Capacity 176
Water Dispenser Yes
Single door Yes
Low Noise Yes
Color Silver
Frost Yes
Brand Hisense

Hisense Fridge 176 Liters

Hisense REF176DR fridge comes with a storage capacity of 176L and is a single door refrigerator. It will come with a tempered glass shelf that is inside it and is further fitted with extra spaces on the door. This refrigerator also has a water dispenser that comes with it.

Hisense Fridge 176 Liters WATER DISPENSER

While looking for a refrigerator, most people tend to envision one that comes with a water dispenser. Fortunately enough, this model comes with a water dispenser that will easily give you ice cold water without necessarily opening the whole refrigerator.

It comes with an exterior water dispenser that is located at the top outer side of the fridge and does not require opening the door.

Hisense Fridge 176 Liters GALLON DOOR STORAGE

Advantageously, this model comes with a gallon door storage which has racks of storage space. You therefore get the chance of having more storage space at a convenient way.


As a single door model, the Hisense REF176DR fridge is more energy efficient. It consumes less power and only uses one door to access both the freezer and fridge compartments.


Hisense REF176DR fridge works on the basis of direct cool technology which significantly makes it to be more energy efficient. It will be further able to consume less power as compared to double door refrigerators.


The single door refrigerator comes with a direct cooling technology. It will be an effect of natural convection process from cooled surfaces that are found in the insulated compartment that is being cooled.

The water vapor that contacts the cooled surface ends up freezing. Unlike free frost units such as Hisense REF176DR direct cool units require manual defrosting in the interior.

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